Welcome to StreamNet Radio!!

StreamNet Radio (SNR) is the home of the Internet Radio portion of the StreamNet sites and the first 'child' of the Races On The Web (ROTW) Network. Founded in 2006 in an effort to help people stay in touch with racing events at the Crystal Motor Speedway in Crystal, Michigan, it has grown to cover many other tracks and other sports and even simulcasting a couple different television and radio shows!

Our efforts with SNR won us the 2007 Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club Electronic Media award, something of which we are extremely proud. Previous winners included luminaries such as Chris Economaki, Dave DeSpain, Bob Jenkins and others. To be mentioned in the same breath as those men is an honor we strive to prove we deserved with every event we broadcast.

As the summer auto racing season winds down, we look forward to our newest efforts as we bring our listeners play by play action of the Battle Creek (MI) Revolution hockey team and possibly several other teams in the All American Hockey League. We also have just signed on to bring all the action of Arena Racing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As we get closer to the opening face-off, hockey fans will find a link here to allow them to enjoy the action at no charge! The home games of the Revolution will also be available as a live PPV Internet video. The link to buy the game will be available soon over on our sister site, StreamNet Sports!

StreamNet Radio is sponsored By Engine Pro!

If you have questions, drop us a note below!

Races On The Web is proud to bring you these ‘classic’ in car camera videos from our early days. We were able to collect well over 200 in car vids in our opening season and hope to begin to bring you even more in the 2010 season. If you have an incar video you’d like to add to our collection, please drop me an email at the link below.

While portions of our 2009 season have been a smashing success, other parts have not been as good… and we know that. Our reach as far as number of tracks isn’t want we wanted it to be and we are working to correct that in 2010. Many promoters believe a live video program will hurt their attendance but most tracks with whom we have worked have found just the opposite effect.

If you are a promoter and would like to talk to us about no charge live audio or video streaming from your track… yes, I said NO CHARGE!... drop us a note at the email below. The biggest thing we need from you for video is an Internet connection capable of at least an upload speed of 450kbs as measured at www.speakeasy.net/speedtest We can provide you with nearly everything else and even show you how to make money from your broadcasts.

Live streaming Internet Radio is done at no charge and all you need is a basic Internet connection and some type of computer, be it desktop or laptop, and a connection from your own sound board and you should be good to go. If you sign up for live video, you are automatically given the live radio. Your channel is yours and you are free to use it for your own talk shows or any other race related situation you like. No one else will use your assigned channel!

We are always looking for people who can put on a good weekly Internet radio talk show based on racing or other sports. We also are looking for people looking to stream their weekly sports events. We got started in local high school sports and we love to cover them. Again, drop us a note! Be it football, boys or girls basketball, volleyball, hockey, what ever, we’d like to help! We have lots of monthly band width and would like to help you!

-Email ROTW!