KHND AM 1470
Harvey, ND
Contact the station:  718 Lincoln Avenue, PO Box 6, Harvey, ND 58341
Phone: 701-324-4848 
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.KHND1470,com

This is simply a test article placed for the benefit of Rick Jensen at Harvey, North Dakota. We hope to have Rick and KHND aboard as a debut station on October 1st. 

Although some stations already have their own website, Big V creates this page as display gateway to your audio or video content. Your audience may also find you on our public Roku channel, and at other domains you direct. If you want to have your current web domain resolve to this page, it is possible and we encourage it. 

We can install any JOOMLA! 3.X or later responsive template for a small set up fee. Notice that the advertisement DO link to your customers websites. In the case of Duck Fest ND, which is a time sensitive ad, it is set to expire at 5 PM on the last day of the festival. It is easy to lay in date and time triggered ads.