To say this is a project with a shoestring budget is not an exaggeration. Please help if you can with a small donation, even a few dollars helps.


New content from the first of our story tellers and musicians is beginning to float in and by the October 1 we should have a fair selection of shows, live and on-demand, to choose from.

We hope you will notice that there is NO login in option on any of menu tabs. That's because this is not a site that tries to suck information from you so it may be packaged and resold as a way to support the site. We won't ever do that. For 20 years Verwayne and I have tried to make acces to our production content free. We have tried Pay Per View, but every foray into that business model has left us with a very small audience and a larger group that is upset that we want to charge even a couple of dollars. 

StreamNet Radio is looking for venues and new bands interested in staging an online competition show. 

Beginning in November, SNR will begin presenting a live network feed originating from locations across the US and Canada. The three hour program will showcase new bands in 15 minute sets, beginning at 8 PM Eastern time. 

Each set will be archived and placed into a catalog so the bands may use the material for promotions. 

Welcome, we are glad to have you here.

This site has existed for years, but until recently we have never really had a solid vision for it. The domain name was simply a continuation of an idea that was set aside many, many, times as we explored and developed the other elements of what is becoming "StreamNet" 

If you are just wandering around, looking for entertainment, click through a few of the pages to get a preview of the new StreamNet Radio public Roku channel. OR, you may want to CLICK HERE to see more from the content producers affiliated with Big V Productions. 

Today Big V Productions placed it's application for a new Roku public station in que for tech inspection. The channel, titled StreamNet Radio, should debut with a live band gig from New York City in late September.

StreamNet Radio will feature a mix of live and on demand original in both audio and video content. Not only sill the programming be available from the Roku platform, but will also stream to desktop, laptop and mobile devices.