Welcome, we are glad to have you here.

This site has existed for years, but until recently we have never really had a solid vision for it. The domain name was simply a continuation of an idea that was set aside many, many, times as we explored and developed the other elements of what is becoming "StreamNet" 

If you are just wandering around, looking for entertainment, click through a few of the pages to get a preview of the new StreamNet Radio public Roku channel. OR, you may want to CLICK HERE to see more from the content producers affiliated with Big V Productions. 

If you are a content producer that wants to have your work made available to a large screen audience. we suggest you contact us for complete details. Big V can set you up with your own Roku channel, or arrange for your live and on demand shows to be included within one of its community channels, like this one - StreamNet Radio.

Producers and consumers all have something in common, they are exploring a "World of Talk & Entertainment."  Each has its own perspective on what is good, or great, or mediocre. Frankly, we believe the true value of the internet originated content is that it allows content producers to find and develop small markets that larger commercial networks would most certainly ignore. If there isn't enough profit potential to pay for all of the things required to maintain a high production standard you won't see ABC, CBS, NBC etc., etc. plunging into to meet the market. 

Big V on the other hand is a small minded kind of guy. That could be a double entendre, but before you spend too much time trying to reason it out, consider this - if you have an idea to share or an artistic concept to develop and you can't find an audience larger than a dozen friends on the steps of the town hall, maybe it's time for you and your friends to join a new community. 

StreamNet is all about serving small communities of content producers. Individually they might only be able to create an hour of talk and entertainment per week. Or they might be working hard enough to record three or more two hour shows each week - but finding an audience is so difficult the show falters and fails. The talent, the idea, that marvelous concept sits in a YouTube depository environment that is so large the little guys are lost. 

Our community channels solve that problem. We promote the channels and the shows from a true network view, and our content producers are introduced to our audiences.  Kismet. 

FCC licensed stations already have an established market, but that radio or video signal can only reach so far. StreamNet takes the signal straight from the local studio to both a Roku audience and millions of additional connections via the internet. At a cost that is easily affordable. We even have revenue sharing programs that monetize your content and create a new income opportunity for your ad sales reps. 

Click on the menu tab above for "Contact" to send us a message. Tell us what you think and suggest how we many improve our services.