New content from the first of our story tellers and musicians is beginning to float in and by the October 1 we should have a fair selection of shows, live and on-demand, to choose from.

We hope you will notice that there is NO login in option on any of menu tabs. That's because this is not a site that tries to suck information from you so it may be packaged and resold as a way to support the site. We won't ever do that. For 20 years Verwayne and I have tried to make acces to our production content free. We have tried Pay Per View, but every foray into that business model has left us with a very small audience and a larger group that is upset that we want to charge even a couple of dollars. 


So, the basis of our business model is to push for advertisers and show sponsors. We know from experience this is a tough sell. The Internet is changing quickly into a very commercialized environment controlled by a handful of mega-corporations. By "controlled" we mean it. They monetize their sites in every way possible. They are successful in that method because they set the rules to favor themselves with little regard for YOU, the consumer.

We want to make a few dollars, but we aren't crass about it. Our peformers and show hosts all need your support. To keep their server fees as low as possible we look for local, regional and national advertisers that will support this effort by placing a very inexpensive advertisement. The ads can be in the form of a slideshow placard on an audio show, a video commercial from 15 to 90 seconds, banner ads on these pages, and audio commercials slipped into live shows. Send Verwayne an email from the "CONTACT" menu tab if you want details. 

Remember, everything you see listed here is fed to our public and private Roku channels. We are enthusiastic about Roku because it allows our content producers to put their performances onto your large screen at home so you can really enjoy their shows. 

Would you like to be a content producer and have your own station or Roku channel? We can help you accomplish that. Send an email with your needs and Verwayne or I will call.