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Some content within this site is in the public domain and will be identified as such and given proper attribution. Also, some content may be covered under Creative Commons licences that allow incorporation within derivative works, and those licences will also be stated and observed.

Royalties and License Fees

"StreamNet" is a service provided by the publisher to original content producers. Content Producers are required to properly license all materials used in original form or as material for derivative work. Each Content Producer is responsible for payment of any and all royalties and license fees, this includes live venue feeds and simulcasts from FCC licensed radio or television stations. 

If you are a royalty agent seeking to collect your license fees, we will gladly put you in contact with the originating Content Producer. 



The Publisher is keenly aware of digital privacy issues and supports all efforts to keep personal data secure. 

In order to maintain some control over who has access to specific content areas, users may be requested to register their Name, Username, and Email address.  Expanded profile data allows the Publisher to grant the user a broader scope of content.  Content Producers, by separate contract, will be granted access to management areas of the site in order to facilitate promotional efforts for their original content shows. 

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If you encounter a situation which makes you believe our site is propagating any scripts or instructional sets that can be used to violate the spirit and intent of this section, please inform us immediately.

Entertainment Value Only:

This site is maintained strictly as an entertainment package for our viewers and as a promotional tool for our associated Content Produces . The Publisher, at his discrection and without explanation, may block any or all of the content to any individual IP address or address range.  Financial liability for such action is limited to the price of site access - which is NOTHING.

Obligations to Content Producers:

Content Producers will be provided a separate service contract that covers the mutual obligations and responsibilities between them and the Publisher. None of the provisions of that agreement interfere with this agreement, nor do any provisions of the contact with the Producers abbrogant or set aside any of the statements made here by the Publisher.